An appeal for peace and national unity in Ethiopia


The rising tide of protests and clashes between different ethnic groups are a grave threat to the peace and development of Ethiopia.

Whatever the faults and grievances of each group, Ethiopia can and must move forward as one country and one people. Nobody will win if the country were to break up and peace is lost. The incredible economic and social development of recent years, which improved the lives of millions, would be gone.

Our beloved land could spiral into a quagmire of violence, misery, and mutual vengeance. All our existences would be lost and Ethiopia would not be the beacon of growth in Africa that has been, but could become another black hole of chaos and blood on our continent.

We all must stand firmly behind our government.

Whatever the misgivings of some people about the actions or role of Premier Abiy Ahmed Ali in this situation, and whatever his mistakes, I do believe that he tried to act with the best interests of our country in mind.

Past fast economic development has spread wealth unevenly. Although it has improved the livelihood of all, it did so randomly and unequally. This is a usual feature of economic miracles: some get rich before and to a greater extent than others. This must be addressed and welfare must be spread more equally.

However, everything can and should be discussed peacefully with a constructive mindset. Violence will just tear everything down and will leave smoldering rubble in its wake.

We do remember that before these fortunate times Ethiopia lived through a period of misery and oppression. We do not want to go back there, and we do want to look to the future with bright hope.

I pray that all the people of Ethiopia will rally to support our flag and recognize that what unites us is far more than what divides us, and from this, a new sense of unity can move our country into the very bright future that expects us.

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